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    Sennheiser PX100 have white, black two versions. Use an open structure wearing styles, the speaker unit can be rotaed 90 degrees. By the folding design, its very convenient to carry.

    Headphones use neodymium magnet speaker unit, making the sound distortion to a monster beats minimum, to ensuresound and detailed, natureal, low-frequency performance is the px100′s strengths, strong surging bass texture.

    If you are tired of the design style of headset manufaturers in Europe and US, and you want looking for Monster Beats Outlet a stylish look, good sound quality headphones, this Panasonic RP-HX50 headphones will be a good choice. Japanese design style is diffrent with the European and US style, them puruit of a fine, perfect sense. will give you different feeling.

    RP-HX50 headset’s main colors are white, Panasonic has always maintained the overall work of the fine structure. RP-HX50 housing elegant and delicate, comfortable to wear and can provide some sound effects. Housing may be rotated into a plane, when the user more convenient to carry. In addition, the headset into the line with a bilateral design, and is a standard 3.5 mm L-shaped plug, located and in use with most portable devices.

    RP-HX50 headset’s main colors are white, RP-HX50 give me the feeling of elegant and delicate. Its comfortable to wear and can provide some sound effects. just like the px100, the speaker unit of the RP-HX50 can be rotaed 90 degrees. and the folding design make you can easy carry this headset.

    Sound quality, the Japanese headphones to focus more on mid and high frequency performance. Dont like the monster headphones will show you the very good super bass.(US headset), if you like to listen to the vocal music, i think this headset will be your best choice.

    I have using the AKG headphones for a long time. very like the AKG headphones that AKG can show me the sweet vocal sound performance, and the better bass feeling.

    A few years ago but also because K24P stop and sorry, that’s the King of Pop, the high cost of the classic ah. Luckily, the successor K412P did not disappoint, although not as orange as K24P painting, but silver is more black people that you want to tell that the sound quality it is not frivolous.

    The latest K420P, went a step further, the warmth of the AKG sound interpretation of a more perfect.

    AKG’s K420 headphones sound soft and detailed, IF relatively mild, low dive deeper, but the volume is not large, the overall sense of hearing is relatively balanced, more suitable for traditional male voice music. AKG420 is a portable headphone out to the streets, folding design, blue and silver with the clean style, full of modern, designer fashion shows AKG concept of shape in sea-ear design with blue mesh silver frame design, the headset the whole atmosphere seemed calm a lot.

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