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    Try to use plastic tweezers to remove the battery from its slot. Using plastic tweezers will ensure that you don’t accidentally cause an electrical short, damaging the watch movement.

    If the battery is held with swiss replica watches a spring clip, pry the battery from under the clip with a small flat-bladed screwdriver.

    Note very carefully which side of the battery is facing outward and which side of the battery is facing into the watch case prior to removal. You’re going to need to put your new battery back in the exact same way

    Be careful with screwdrivers. The watch Replica Watches case and crystal or the insides can be easily damaged by lack of caution when prying or removing screws with small screwdrivers.

    Be careful with the crystal. Pressing down on the caseback without cushioning the crystal may result in scratches or breaking the crystal

    Check carefully the cost of watch versus the cost of the battery. Some inexpensive watches will cost less than the price of the battery.

    Use a magnifier and adequate lighting to prevent small part loss.

    Use a black piece of construction paper to hold small parts. The contrast makes the parts easier to see.

    If you’re still worried or uncertain about opening the case of your watch, consider taking it to either a jeweler or the watch/jewelry section of a department store. You can often have the work done cheaply or at no additional fee (other than buying the battery)

    Be aware that some watches lose their water resistance after the backs are opened and you will want to have the watch pressurized. Watch repairmen will have the proper equipment to perform this task.

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