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    Senate candidate Tim Kaine (D) sent out a fund raising email to supporters Wednesday based on a new attack ad against the former governor from a super-PAC headed by Karl Rove.

    The $1.9 million ad buy Wednesday by Crossroads GPS goes after Kaine for his stance on taxes. Kaine has said he wants to let the Bush-era tax cuts expire for people making over $500,000 a year.

    This is the latest in a number of independent attack ads leveled against Kaine by Crossroads. Many of the fake rolex watches earlier ads have been debunked by independent fact-checking organizations like PolitiFact.

    In his appeal to donors Kaine tells supporters that he is being beat in outside spending by a ratio of six to one. Majority PAC, a super-PAC controlled by Democrats in Congress intent on keeping the Senate in Democratic hands, has run ads cheap rolex watches against Kaine opponent former Gov. Sen. George Allen.

    In his fund raising email Kaine said there is a bright spot in that Kaine has been able to out raise Allen in Virginia.

    “We received donations from nearly 30,000 individual donors.,” Kaine wrote. dramatically out raising George Allen from Virginians and grassroots donors. Our volunteers are making calls and canvassing neighborhoods, doing the person-to-person persuasion that has always been at the heart of my campaigns since I first ran for office.”

    In the latest contribution numbers from the Federal Election Commission for the reporting period that ran from April 1 to June 31 Kaine totalled nearly $1.7 million in donations from Virginians. Kaine roughly $468,000 contributors donating than $200, which includes out-of-state donors.

    During the period Allen raised $747,000 from Virginians donating more that $200. Allen another nearly $200,000 donations less than $200. The Allen campaign has not sent out information detailing how much of their donations under $200 came from Virginians, which don have to be itemized according to FEC regulations.

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